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SEA BOUND: On the Waters of Martha's Vineyard

More paintings and photographs of Martha's Vineyard in color and black & white and poems by Brooks Robards around the theme of their magical island's ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans, streams, waterfalls––water in all its forms.

In his foreword to "Sea Bound", founding publisher of Martha's Vineyard Magazine and author of "The Holy Order of Water" William Marks writes, "With every turn of the page, we find a different body of water expressed in words and art. Each one reaching out to touch our minds and souls with tones and form––an invitation to come visit and share in its unique gift to life."

Poems, Paintings and Photographs of Martha's Vineyard

Poems by Brooks Robards
Artwork by Nancy Purnell

Foreword by Ralph Graves

After the success of A MAGICAL PLACE, their first salute to Martha's Vineyard, poet Brooks Robards and artist Nancy Purnell have focused on the Island's many conservation areas in their new book, OFF SEASON. Making regular excursions during the Island's "dormant" season, from September through April, they visited Martha's Vineyard's conservation sanctuaries, wildlife preserves and other outdoor spots that help make the Island unique.

OFF SEASON celebrates Martha's Vineyard in every imaginable weather condition and season--sun, rain, wind, drought, fog, ice, snow. It is a tribute especially to the many organizations on the Island that actively protect its environment--The Trustees of Reservations, Martha's Vineyard Landbank, Sheriff's Meadow Foundation, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Vineyard Open Land Foundation, Wampanoag Tribe, Nature Conservancy, and local,state and federal agencies--all of whom work to ensure that this magical island remains in its natural state to the greatest extent possible.

Poems, Paintings and Photographs of Martha's Vineyard

Poems by Brooks Robards
Artwork by Nancy Purnell

Foreword by Judith Neeld

A MAGICAL PLACE is the collaborative work of two long-time Martha's Vineyard summer residents, poet Brooks Robards and artist Nancy Purnell. The book's 36 poems and 37 images represent 30 years of observing the Island in all its seasons, variations of weather and environment uniqueness.

Working together, poet and artist have developed a lucid vision of what makes Martha's Vineyard the special world that it is.

As poet and editor Judith Neeld writes in the foreword to A MAGICAL PLACE, "Nothing has escaped (them) in the decades of the seasons (they) have spent here."

One Woman's Chinese Adventure, One Man's Chinese Torture

Foreword by Andrew J. Nathan

Director of the East Asian Institute at Columbia University, Dr. Andrew J. Nathan writes,
"Brooks and Jim bring us the sounds and smells of life in Beijing today, the travails of Chinese transportation, the different stages of culture shock and bright portraits of Chinese and American newspeople, Chinese film directors and other characters who are making their lives for the long or short term in an increasingly complex China."